Slowly & Surely...

Despite the pressures and often creatively paralysing reality of being a freelancer and running your own creative buisness in the U.K, when you make genuine steps forward in your progress it really gives you a sense of achievement and drive to carry on. In those moments when it really feels as though your close to a total meltdown and stagnation, taking a moment to breath and be greatful that these are the challenges you face and not hunger, war or oppression....can be a great leveller to your doubts and be the tiny reminder of freedom you needed to spark the flames of creativity and motivation.

 'Some suffer too much and others not enough'. Buddha



015 Work Smarter, Work Harder.

015 is about determinations, not resolutions. Taking the challenges of the last fews years and using creative alchemy to transform that morivation into fuel to drive some of my more aspirational projects into production. Discipline and a focused work ethic can move any obsticle. There can never be a right time or perfect conditions so any excuse is just fear or a lack of faith in your own ability. Strive on with intelligence and diligence and make it happen.



Sunday was the last day of production on my latest short film. 'Walkabout' has been a real pleasure and a wonderful challenge. Giving me the opportunity to travel and explore some spectacular locations.

Thw story is a spiritual journey, a rights of passage or coming of age inspired piece. I looked to capture the essense of freedom and adventure and avoid the more traditional travel themes. 

I will be publishing a full blog covering the adventure very soon.